The undetectable CRYPTER - the one and only!

BitCrypter is a high-performance executable packer and protector for native Windows 32-bit programs and .NET apps.

You have 2 download options for BitCrypter: a standalone/portable version and a regular setup version. Both BitCrypter versions have the same functionality.

The differences between these 2 versions are related to the main Crypter program only, the produced "crypted" executable being the same. The portable Crypter is a standalone application that runs from wherever you copy it, the other version is using an install interface and creates shortcuts on the Desktop, Start Menu/Programs, Quick Launch, Control Panel Add/Remove Programs.

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BitCrypter Overview
Best Crypter

Firstly released in 2012, BitCrypter has become rapidly quite popular among software developers and users trying to protect programs.

Our company is focused on providing innovative and reliable software solutions in the security field. Established in 2005, our company has solid experience in the development and support of security solutions for professional and private use. During the time, we've developed unique utilities and monitoring applications (like SpyTector - just to mention one of them!) being a pioneer in that field. Our company has delivered its professional and innovative software solutions to lots of satisfied customers all over the world. Our clients include small to large companies, educational institutions, public authorities and home users. With an emphasis on both development and research, we're continuously extending our products family with award-winning applications that address a variety of user needs.

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